Residential AC Repair and Heating Services

D.B. A/C & Heating Has the Knowledge and Experience 

The vast majority of most people’s time is spent indoors, with most of that time being spent at home. A comfortable and healthy home environment just makes good sense. D.B.A/C & Heating has over 24 years of air conditioning repair experience and dedication helping residents of the greater Houston Metro area (Spring, Tomball and The Woodlands, TX) comfortably enjoy their homes.

D.B.A/C will repair any existing problem regarding your air conditioning or heating system and prevent a future one:

  • We install, repair, service air conditioner and heating units and provide preventive maintenance for ALL makes and models (including duct work)
  • We provide quite possibly the best annual residential contracts which are specifically designed to keep your unit in peak operating condition
  • We are dedicated to listening to what you want to tell us as we gather the information necessary to give you the best service possible

Whether you are building a new home, replacing an existing system, replacing a system component, making repairs, or seeking a routine maintenance check – selecting the right heating, venting and air conditiong system, component, or repair is of the utmost importance.

At D.B.A/C & Heating, We Are Patient

We understand that being cold in the winter or hot in the summer are not at the top of your list of things to do. If you were not experiencing one of these or concerned that the experience was about to begin, you wouldn’t be calling us (unless you were building a new house in which case you may be enthusiastic).

We also understand that spending money on air conditioning and heating needs can be an unexpected and frustrating surprise.

So, please don’t be afraid to ask questions, to ask for clarity, to ask for explanations, or to ask for a better appointment date/time if the initial one offered is not satisfactory.

Please remember we are both residential and commercial air conditioning & heating experts.

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