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D.B.A/C is an established and reputable local business specializing in heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation and assessment. We are licensed professionals who have expertise with all brands of HVAC equipment. For heating, ventilation and AC repair, Spring, Tomball and The Woodlands area communities depend on us, many for over 24 years.

Have a question about proper functioning and safety of your Houston HVAC system? There is probably no brand on or off the market for which D.B.A/C doesn’t have expertise.

While there are several excellent brands of equipment available, D.B.A/C prefers Luxaire because not only are Luxaire products made with sound and progressive technology, but Luxaire equipment outperforms competitors in energy efficiency and reliability for both residential and light commercial heating and cooling systems.

Luxaire products can reduce the tendency of two or more air streams to remain separated (known as air stratification) as well as reduce uneven temperatures from room to room.

If you have allergies, an indoor Luxaire unit with an ECM motor may benefit you greatly. An ECM motor is a DC motor that functions with a built-in inverter and a magnet rotor. The result is the ability to achieve greater efficiency in air-flow systems than many AC motors. It can allow you to circulate the air in your home uninterrupted thereby filtering the air constantly. Though they are initially more expensive to purchase and install, they are energy efficient, low maintenance, and not prone to overheating.

D.B.A/C can help you breath in a healthier environment. We install air quality filtration systems including HEPA filtration and UV lights.

Luxaire began in toward the end of 1939 as the C.A. Olsen Manufacturing Company in Ohio. By late 1942, the company had become a top ten producer in its field among 300 competitors. When World War II began, Luxaire designed and immediately produced a special warm-air heating unit for army barracks. This equipment was utilized in over 60% of all army barracks.

Luxaire’s warm-air heating equipment increased in demand nation-wide for years and the company achieved very successful expansion. In 1955 Westinghouse Electric Corporation acquired the operation and made it a wholly owned subsidiary. In 1981, Luxaire, now a Johnson Controls Company, purchased the Westinghouse facility in Norman, Okla., and the Luxaire plant in Elyria, Ohio.

D.B.A/C has consistently experienced Luxaire to be superior in products, service, and support.

Air Conditioners and SEER 

Central air conditioning systems are split systems, meaning they have both an outdoor unit (referred to as a condenser) and an indoor unit (referred to as a coil). Central air conditioners work to provide cool and dry air throughout your home and do so in conjunction with your furnace. It is essential for the condensing and coil units to work together as a team to provide top performance and comfort.

Danny and his professional team at D.B.A/C are absolute experts at matching these two parts regarding capacity and efficiency. A proper match is extremely important in order for your system to perform properly.

D.B.A/C provides outdoor condensers with low sound ratings and weather-sealed fan motors while boasting a durable finish and a nice look. D.B.A/C limited warranties of up to 10 years for compressors one year for parts can’t be beat.

When we provide an air conditioning unit for a home, it has an efficiency rating between 13 to 19 SEER; and, whenever possible, we offer features geared toward comfort, such as a two-speed operation.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (or Ratio), known as SEER, is an efficiency rating for air conditioning or HVAC systems. It is reached through measures of the air conditioner’s energy consumption and efficiency operations over an entire season.

SEER ratings are assigned by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), the industry accepted and endorsed organization that for HVAC systems.

The higher the SEER, the lower your electricity bill will be.

Electric & Gas Heating Units and HSPF

When we provide a heating unit for a home, it has an efficiency rating between 6.8 to 9.1 HSPF.

Heat Seasonal Performance Factor, known as HSPF, is the most commonly used techniques for measuring the heating efficiency of heat pumps. The rating procedures used were established by the U.S. Department of Energy and performed in accordance with AHRI.

The higher the HSPF means the more efficient the heat pump.

Our gas heating units have an 80% or 90% efficiency rating and utilize variable speed fans. The small amount of energy they use to transfer heat between the inside and outside of your home goes a long way to validate their use.

New Air Conditioners and Furnaces Significantly Lower Monthly Costs

A 13 SEER air conditioner is now the minimum efficiency rating for which the federal government allows an air conditioner to be sold and it can cut the electricity used by up to 40%. New air cooling units with a 19 SEER are widely known to cut the amount of electricity used by an old air conditioner literally in half.

An 80% efficiency rated furnace is now the minimum allowed by the federal government for which a furnace can be sold will use approximately 20% less gas. New furnaces with a 90% efficiency rating can cut the gas used by as much as 30%.

If you do need a new system and need financial assistance, we can help provide this for you.

Thermostats & Zone Controls

Your lifestyle! Your schedule! Your comfort level!

DB Air will recommend a thermostat to help your heat and cool with your system in a way that maintains your optimal temperature setting. And, will do so with the greatest amount of energy efficiency. The proper thermostat will provide you with total control of your heating and cooling system.

D.B.A/C professionals know how to configure zoning systems to direct the heated or cooled air exactly where you need it most. We provide programmable  thermostats and configure zoning systems to give you exactly what you want. This enhances your comfort and reduces your energy payments by up to 30%.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that a programmable thermostat can save you up to $180 per year, important to any budget.

Heat Exchangers (And, What is a Cracked Furnace?)

The heat exchanger is the part of the gas furnace that transfers the heat from the gas flame to the air in the house.

Sometimes a heat exchanger develops a crack or rust hole in it, allowing the fumes (a component of which is carbon monoxide) to mix with the air that enters the house as it comes out of the registers. This is extremely dangerous. Even small amounts of carbon monoxide can be dangerous.

Heat exchangers can easily be replaced; however, if there is no warranty in effect, a new and high efficiency furnace is most likely not much more of a cost.

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