Commercial Air Conditioning Companies for Warehouses

How does warehouse air conditioning work? Integrated office warehousing and cooling solutions are the only way to ensure that your warehouse is chilled and comfortable. Usually, companies hire professional commercial air conditioning companies to evaluate the warehouse and then provide an estimate for the office warehousing and cooling solutions. The actual cost of the office warehousing and cooling solution will depend on the type of units, size of warehouse, humidity levels, outside temperature and insulation.

1. Type of units used — Smaller warehouses often try to make do with portable units that are moved around as required. Commercial air conditioning companies can recommend and install efficient and relatively inexpensive HVAC systems that will provide much better performance. Warehouses larger than 2000 square feet require more industrial size units which can be installed by professional commercial air conditioning companies.

Ideally, to save energy, commercial air conditioning firms generally recommend to cool workspaces and storage spaces separately. Special units for chilling food and perishables also require separate installation and maintenance.

2. Humidity levels — Along with the air conditioning, it also becomes necessary to have a humidifier in the warehouse to ensure optimum cooling. For example, if a room is chilled to 50 degrees but it is humid, the humidity make the room feel colder and it appears to be 20 degrees. Similarly, a room with 65 degree temperature but with increased humidity will feel a comfortable 75 degrees. Commercial air conditioning companies specializing in warehouses can recommend proper systems and settings for your particular warehouse environment.

3. Warehouse insulation — Increased insulation may be essential to ensure that the cooling remains consistent and optimal in different areas of the warehouse. This can usually be done by carrying out an energy audit before the cooling units are installed.

4. Outside temperature — The cooling units in the warehouse are usually installed according to outside temperature and internal cooling requirements. Calibrating the cooling to coordinate with the outside temperature is the best way to ensure air quality and heat recovery.

D.B.A/C is one of the leading commercial air conditioning companies with expertise in cooling warehouses

As one of the leading commercial air conditioning companies with expertise in cooling warehouses, D.B.A/C can provide you with a professional evaluation of your premises and then install the right unit.

Of all commercial air conditioning firms in The North Houston, Texas – particularly the greater Spring, Texas area – D.B.A/C is a professional commercial air conditioning company that not only specializes in the evaluation and installation of office warehousing cooling units, but also in maintenance contracts for A/C repair for warehouses.

D.B.A/C does its homework

At D.B.A/C, we understand that warehouses are meant to store inventory. We are also well aware of the fact that warehouses are notorious for having poor energy efficiency levels.

We know that warehouse roofing heat up the fastest due to solar energy and this heat radiates through the warehouse in the form of radiant energy heating the air, people and goods stored inside the warehouse.

One of the ways we have become known for being one of the very best and respected commercial air conditioning companies in Spring, TX is by doing our homework; and, we know that internet retailer Amazon had a serious warehouse air conditioning problem not too long ago. Workers at the warehouses experienced frequent heat-related conditions leading to the internet giant eventually retrofitting all their warehouses will central air conditioning through one of the best qualified professional commercial air conditioning companies like D.B.A/C.