Commercial Heating and AC Repair Services

Our commercial heating and ac repair specialty areas include services for educational facilities, industrial settings, machine shops, medical practices, office warehousing, and retail outlets.

Calculating the proper size and capacity of a commercial air conditioner starts with the square footage of the area that needs to be cooled; however, it is more complex than that. In addition to the consideration of square footage, the installation of air conditioning systems in a commercial space also varies by climate as well as the in and out traffic.

Further, the amount of frontal glass and the direction the space faces (i.e. north or not) can affect the need. If the space is retail or storage related, the types of goods on display and in stock may have effect, as well.

D.B.A/C professionals are skilled at installing and servicing all types and brands of commercial AC and heating equipment from small packaged air conditioners and heat pumps to rooftop units to split systems. Our prices are are always reasonable; and, if needed, our financing options keep a competitive edge.

And, we can custom design a preventive maintenance plan for you which will assure that your equipment is kept running with optimal performance. This includes monthly or quarterly filter changes which can save big on utility bills and maintenance costs as well as maintain a healthier environment.

Having a D.B.A/C qualified technician come onsite to maintain your filters has another advantage over assigning the task to an employee or contracting with a filter changing company. Neither of those options provides you with a qualified AC technician who can detect a current or potential problem and bring it to your attention. The D.B.A/C option does.

For air conditioning repair from Tomball to Spring, TX, there exists no better commercial air conditioning experts than D.B.A/C.

We invite you to contact us and ask all your qualifying questions for both commercial air conditioning and heating repair in Houston as well as residential heating and air conditioning repair.

Call Danny at D.B.A/C today!

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