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Air Conditioning for Small Medical Facilities

Air conditioning for small medical facilities like small medical clinics and medical practice offices or clinics also require high quality commercial air conditioning – not just hospitals. Medical facilities need a higher grade of air conditioning, filtering and internal air purification to deal with organic airborne particles. Now, ASHRAE or American Society of Heating, Refrigerating [...]


D.B.A/C Commercial Air Conditioning Systems for Machine Shops p. 2

An excellent HVAC commercial air conditioning system must be capable of keeping an office, shop or room at a comfortable temperature without being incredibly costly to operate. Machine shop owners are wise to identify the best appropriate HVAC system for commercial air conditioning by consulting an expert in the field as it is a very [...]


D.B.A/C Commercial Air Conditioning Systems for Machine Shops p. 1

Commercial air conditioning is an essential service for hotels, restaurants and other establishments. These services may also be open to schools, machine shops and churches. The providers including the items may be accessed via the web or over the telephone; the individual responsible needs to look for a company that provides quality commercial air conditioning [...]


D.B.A/C: Houston, TX Medical Facilities Commercial Air Conditioning

Professional commercial air conditioning workers from D.B.A/C & Heating are highly trained to install filtration systems including H.E.P.A. systems that are hospital grade. D.B.A/C & Heating also has regular and standardized training in place for their HVAC technicians which includes regulatory requirements. The D.B.A/C & Heating Houston-based business also believes in following the best and [...]


D.B.A/C & Heating: Air Conditioner Repair; Spring, TX & NW Houston; p2

Some of the tasks that can and should be carried out by air conditioner repair and maintenance experts would be to change the filter of the air conditioner monthly or quarterly. By cleaning the filter of commercial air conditioners, business owners in Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands and Spring, TX not only save money on utility [...]