Air Conditioning for Thanksgiving

Air Conditioning for Thanksgiving is not on everyone’s mind.

However, people from places like Minnesota who live in Texas and think it doesn’t get cold here in the Houston and Spring, TX areas may think about air conditioning.

For those who are from Texas and places like Florida.

Some people think it does get cold here and are starting to feel the shivers of winter edging in. If you are one of these people, perhaps you should start thinking of being on a beach in Belize.

When do you start to cook for Thanksgiving?

It may depend on how big of a meal you want, perhaps how many people will be there? It may depend on how much you are really into cooking. Or it may depend on if you are feeling winter chills. Starting to cook on Thanksgiving morning at 5:00 AM (or perhaps the night before) might seem like a great idea not only for preparing for a feast, but to warm the house with the oven!

If the oven is on long enough, even you may end up having thoughts of air conditioning.

Thanksgiving weather patterns.

Weather has to do with the earth’s rotation, the hemisphere in which you live, weather atmospheric interactions with other weather patterns, and much more. Your reaction to the weather has to do with your basic metabolism, your health, perhaps your mood, and also much more.

All this contributes to when (or if) you will need to depend on your air conditioner or heater on Thanksgiving as well as every other day of the year.

So, what’s the point?

The point is that if your A/C installation, A/C evaluation, A/C repair or A/C maintenance is done by D.B.A/C, you can rest and enjoy both your reality of eating Thanksgiving dinner as well as your fantasy of being on the beach in Belize. Your air conditioner and heating will be there if you need one of them.

As you give thanks this 2013 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, make sure you have no HVAC concerns, call Danny at D.B.A/C and then relax.

We hope you will be spending time with the people you care for most and taking this day to remember all the things that you are grateful for in your life.

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation goes to all of our customers for your loyalty as well as the opportunity you have given us to provide you with service.