AC Installation, Houston: The Special AC Needs Different Size Homes

AC Installation, Houston: The Special AC Needs Different Size Homes

For AC installation, Houston consumers have a choice for their residential air conditioning. They can install a central residential air conditioning unit that chills the entire house or they can install individual air conditioning units in every room to provide sectional cooling depending on use.

Assessing the residential air conditioning requirement for a home

Individual choices will vary considerably. Some people may prefer individual residential air conditioning room units while other areas may be better suited for central air conditioning. D.B.A/C air conditioner professionals are experts in all aspects of residential HVAC units and systems.

Individual residential air conditioning room units | Wall Units | Sectional units

Individual room units or wall units vary from wall-mounted units to split units. These units are available in various cooling capacities depending on your cooling requirements. Ideally, cooling capacity for a room is calculated in BTU or British thermal units. The United States Department of Energy Star website offers simple guidelines on how to choose and install AC units for a particular room. The guidelines are straightforward and it simplifies the process of choosing AC units for a particular room.

Central residential air conditioning

In the 21st century, almost all new homes have central cooling and heating units as well as most homes that have been renovated.

In new homes, the architects or home owners-to-be choose these units, or they are chosen by the contractors.

Now, central units are retrofitted into homes depending on size and structure. Ideally, central units with the highest SEER value are used to conserve energy while still providing the best cooling.

Almost all homes now follow the CSA-F280-M90 rules and regulations on choosing capacity and type of heating and cooling appliances for a home. If you already have a central cooling unit that is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it. An 8-10 year model will have an expected SEER rating of 7.0 to about 8.0 and it’s a far better idea to replace the unit rather than repair it.  We recommend you discuss your heating and cooling requirements with your building contractor before installing the central cooling unit.

AC installation | AC repair | AC maintenance

Following AC installation by professional, such as D.B.A/C serving the North Houston, TX area, repair and maintenance contracts (as well as warranties) that last for a year or more are available.

Basically, the special AC needs of small, medium and large homes are the square footage of the rooms individually as well as collectively; and, the preferences of the home owner.

D.B.A/C air conditioner professionals are experts at ac installation in Spring, TX and the entire North Houston area. Remember us D.B.A/C for your air conditioner repair and maintenance needs, as well.